Weekly Summary (Week 9)

This week was a bit overwhelming. There was a lot to do & a lot going on. I started off with my 10 stars worth of work. Guess the Story was recommended, so I did that one first. My story was Rapunzel! I just googled different things that reminded me of Rapunzel and added “gif” to the end of my search.

Guess the Story

Then I chose to do the Google Draw Something assignment because it looked like fun!

Google Draw Something

The last assignment was right up my alley- Pinterest for homework?! Yes, please!! Check out my dream room!

Create Your Own Room

Then I finally sucked it up and tackled the huge assignment of modifying a webpage. I decided to do canvas because I could be satirical and everyone uses canvas. Check it out below:

Web Storytelling

On Tuesday I tuned into our radio show. Since I worked Monday and Wednesday I wasn’t able to tune in on those days. However, this segment was new to me since we all did our pieces separately. See my critiques and comments below:

Radio Show!

I did my daily creates throughout the week and then made them into one story on my blog. Read about Starla, who was infected by the Spooky Fever here:

Tying Together Daily Creates


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