Week 11 Stars

This week my huge capstone paper was due Thursday so I put all of this off until Friday.. 0/10 do not recommend. I’m exhausted. Anyways, I chose 3 really cool assignments and kind of ran with them! I chose to incorporate my capstone into these stars by creating the Tell Me Something I Don’t Know assignment & reporting on food allergies in the classroom! I chose the “report” theme on iMovie & pretty much summarized my paper. I also included links and references if anyone wanted to go see them. All of this research and putting everything together was a TON of work so I made it a 5 star assignment if anyone else felt like taking it on. You can see it here:

Next I found the 4 star Self Documentary assignment & ran with it! The creator mentioned documenting our favorite place to vacation, so I put together a picture montage of my trip to St. Thomas with my family. If you’ve never been there you HAVE to go; it’s perfect. I used iMovie’s “playful” theme for the captions, freesound.org for the intro and exiting music, and recorded a voice over on my phone. It was a lot of work but I’m proud of the result! Check out my cute kid & see the final result here:

Lastly, I did the Saving Junk to Save the Earth assignment. You guys… I’m not crafty. What was supposed to be a cute video turned into a pathetic fail. I used iMovie to edit my video & got my idea from youtube. I used only materials that would be thrown away (except the tape.) Watch my attempt at getting crafty here:

Since my character (Manny) is a nanny I tried to make all of them relevant to his profession! The report on food allergies will help him deal with food allergies if the kids he watches ever has them! Th St. Thomas video emphasized how awesome it is for kids, so this could help him figure out a place to take the kids on vacation. Lastly, the reduce, reuse, and recycle video shows that crafts are NEVER as easy as they seem & help bring some of the struggles to light. This way he knows to try crafts himself before he does it with the kids & to be totally prepared!

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