Telling Tangled

Instead of picking on of the provided stories to read, I chose to rematch Disney’s Tangled. I’m 200% obsessed with this movie so I’ll use any excuse to re-watch it. Once I did the readings and watched the Vonnegut video, I realized Tangled would be perfect for this assignment. I believe that Tangled is both a myth and an archetype. The myth of Rapunzel gives people hope for the good in the world. While it is not a perfect example of a myth, I believe that it works. The myth of Rapunzel is often alluded to and is commonly understood. However, I think that Rapunzel works even better as an archetype. She is the “damsel in distress” who falls in love with the man who rescues her. She embodies this innocent, naive child who becomes a strong, independent woman. The Disney version is my favorite, since they twist humor inseamlessly. Rapunzel is a strong, universal archetypal myth that had been beautifully interpreted into many different versions. 

I had never though of the “shapes” of storytelling until the Vonnegut video. I thought it was a great demonstration for the “ups & downs” of common archetypes. I think Rapunzel’s “shape” would hold steady in the middle until she is rescued, then have small ups and downs until it infinitely went up when she is finally safe and happy.

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