Logo Switch Up Tutorial

I figured since there was no tutorial here & I just completed this assignment I’d show everyone how I did it. First, I brainstormed ideas. I searched “current ads” and scrolled threw a few. I decided that I’d do spotify and nike since I only use spotify when I’m working out; I thought a bit of meaning & irony would help. First I found my spotify ad I’d use:

and settled on this one since it is the one we usually see:

Then I found my nike logo to replace the word “spotify” with. Since the background is black I had to specifically search for a white logo:

And settled on this one:

Next, I went into my canva account and started a new, blank project. I uploaded my files using the tab to the left

Then dragged and dropped my images. I dropped my spotify image first so that my “NIKE” word would go overtop. Then I simply adjusted the NIKE image until it fit nicely over the spotify word. ┬áThe NIKE image was more grey than the spotify one

So I adjusted the brightness until they matched better.

It did dim the white words a bit but I didn’t think that it looked bad at all. Finally I screenshotted my final product and uploaded it into a blog post! Happy editing!

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