Live “Tweet-Along”

Wow!! What an incredible example of audio editing and storytelling. Since I had a meeting last night I was very lost as far as the plot line goes, but tried to catch up… from what I can gather the spiders and birds hate each other. Rosey is engaged to “Fat Charlie” but his brother, spider, has put some spell on everyone and now Rosey thinks he’s Charlie? So complicated! There’s also something going on with embezzling but I couldn’t figure that one out… I wish I didn’t have another meeting tomorrow so I could catch up!

The audio was incredible. The voices were all distinctive and unique so that you knew who was talking. There were tons of different voices & I didn’t have the background info so I still got lost, but they were all unique. The background noises (such as a chair scooting, silverware tapping the plate…) were incredible. The atmosphere was always set, whether that included birds, waves, and rustling leaves or tons of people talking. I can’t wait to play around with our assignments in audio this week!! My live tweets are linked below. It’s a thread so you should be able to see them all when you click on it. Leave me a comment if you can help fill me in on the story line!

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