It only took me an hour…

Hi! Finally I figured out how to create a post. And I’m still not convinced this will go to the right place. This is going to be a long semester guys.


Anyways, I’m Kara. I’m a senior majoring in psychology & will be getting my masters in elementary education next year. I’m all for Facebook but I’m not tech savvy… at all. I’m a mom to a crazy 18 month old boy and a nanny to two sweet girls. Between 16 credits (plus 60 research hours), work, and being a mom I’m pretty much maxed out. If you know the in’s & out’s of all of this technology stuff please help me… I need it.

I threw in a picture of me from my recent trip to Texas & a picture of my kiddos for reference. This was pretty much the only time that I got them all to stand still for more than two seconds. Looking forward to getting to know you all!

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