Introducing: Manny

It took me a long time to decide what kind of character I wanted to create. I used to be very into Greek mythology, but I feel as if every creature already has a name and purpose. Trying to create my own would be extremely difficult and I’d feel like I was ripping a creature off. Instead, I’ve created Manny: The super nanny. Honestly, my nephew kind of created him. He always calls himself the “manny” when he helps watch my son. Also- I’ve always love The Pacifier with Vin Diesel. So here he is: the one & only Manny.

Manny never wanted to be a nanny. But when he dropped out of college to “travel the world,” he didn’t have many other options. It paid better than washing dishes or waiting tables, and kids can’t be that bad, right? Wrong. Manny had grown up with 2 brothers and 3 sisters so he considered himself a pro at babysitting. When the Smiths’ son, Bryan, bonded with him while waiting for the train they immediately offered him the position. Realizing that he had bills to pay and had to eat, he accepted on a whim. Soon after he found himself moving into their lavish New York apartment to wait on them hand and foot. Then things started to change…

One day Bryan cam home sick. A stomach bug had been going around so when he threw up all over Manny, Manny didn’t even think twice about it. However, Manny started developing abnormal powers. He could foresee when Bryan was going to fall, could tell if he was running a fever without checking it, and many other strange abilities. This is Manny & his story…

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