Final Project Write-Up

WE DID IT! We survived a crazy DS106 crash course! This semester has been absolutely insane for me and this class was nothing like I expected, but I’ve learned a lot! I decided to have a bit of fun with my final project instead of just replicating multiple assignments from different medias & involving my character. You can see my project plan here.¬†Like most things in my life, I bit off way more than I could chew and had to cut some of it out. I ended up not being able to make any commercials for the radio show and instead of using the mozilla x-ray goggles to make my own news article, I had to just make a blog post. I’ll get into why a bit later, but I just wanted to point those out first so you realize they’re not there. Check out the final project here! I wrapped my video & radio segment into a news article as my final project.

First, I started with my video. I had a lot of trouble pulling a clip from “The Pacifier” since I use “wondershare” to download my videos. Wondershare only allows me to download videos from youtube even though I own “The Pacifier” on amazon. It took me about an hour to find the clip I needed on youtube. Once I exported it and put it into iMovie, I realized my video needed more. Rather than just a short, few second clip of Manny, I added in a clip of the phone being dropped and then a random girl commenting on how hot he was. This is much easier said than done. It took me about two hours to find videos that fit right (especially since most phone dropping videos have people yelling curse words in them,) and about two more hours to export and edit them all together. My video is still kind of choppy and pieced together, but I think that I did the best I could with my limited skills. See it here:

I wanted this to seem like a video of a mom creeping on the “hot dad,” so I made a twitter for someone named “Jennifer Fields” and created a tweet with the video:

From there, I started on my radio show segment. I wanted it to sound genuine, so I typed up a script and convinced my brother to play the male voice. He ended up ditching me to see his girlfriend at the last minute, so my dad (reluctantly) stepped in. I recorded our voices in audacity and then used to find an intro sound. This portion only took me about 3 hours in total, and was mostly writing the script and editing out background noise. Listen to it here:

Lastly, I tied them both together in a mock news article. I had originally planned to use mozilla x-ray goggles to “redo” a CNN news article, but when I had trouble substituting my video and news segment into the article I contacted the company. They informed me that I could not sub my media in, and could only switch the words. This kind of defeated the whole purpose of tying it all together, so I started looking for websites where you can create your own newspaper article. I found many that looked great but didn’t allow me to put my own media in. This once again defeated the purpose, so I resorted to a blog post worded like a news article. I’m still a bit frustrated that my “mock article” didn’t work out, but I’m still proud of how much work I put into this project. See my article here!¬†While this project consumed my mind and my time for about two weeks, I’m glad that I put my time into it and came up with something that I’m proud of. I wanted my pieces to all tell a part of his story and work together well, and I think that I achieved that. This was a great way to wrap up the semester!

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