Final Project Plan

I have been struggling to figure out what I will do with my final project. I finally realized that this is because I did not have a solid understanding of my character and where I wanted to go with him; therefore, I decided to sit down and put Manny into one concrete description. I’ve been trying to stretch his “powers” so that he would fit in with everyone else’s superheros, but I realized that my vision for Manny does not fit everyone else’s visions for their characters. Manny is a superhero simply because he’s too good to be true. He is incredibly good looking, amazing with children, and never makes a mistake. Although this contradicts some of my previous posts where I gave him the power of healing and other “super” powers, this is my original vision for Manny and I believe going back to basics will help me tell his story better.

As far as the actual project goes- I’m going to use various media types. I want to tell different pieces of his unique story across different forms of media and tie them all together in one “news story” at the end.

First, there will be a youtube video (pulled from the movie “The Pacifier” with Vin Diesel) of this incredible super nanny. This guy is flawless in every way; he’s gorgeous and somehow managing tons of kids without breaking a sweat. The viral video will be posted by a mom who took the video without his knowledge with a caption about how he is too good to be true. The video (made public on Facebook) will have circulated throughout the community and eventually gone viral to the point where he is known as “Manny” throughout the world.

A radio show will catch wind of the story and invite him in for an interview. Manny will agree to come in (reluctantly) and be interviewed about how he does it. This radio segment will include tips from Manny about how to be a better caregiver for children and include commercials for products he promotes.

Lastly, there will be a news story written about this famous “Manny” that ties together the viral video and his news interview, along with comments that the news program has obtained via email from Manny. This “news story” will tie everything together into one post and will essentially be my final project.

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