Bachelor in Paradise Gets GIPHY

Happy Wednesday everyone!! I decided to tackle a few assignments today… and ended up just getting caught up in this one for an hour! I chose to do the TV Show GIFs assignment and picked Bachelor In Paradise as my “favorite show.” This isn’t actually my all-time favorite TV show, but it keeps a standing Monday and Tuesday night date going with my best friend so I watch it too much! I used GIPHY to create my GIFs and it was easier than I thought it would be. Finding the videos that I wanted on youtube was the hard part. Once I trimmed down the video to the size I wanted, I just captioned it with what they were saying. I chose these for a variety of reasons:

This one just cracked me up. If you watch Bachelor in Paradise you know how awkward “Grocery Store Joe” is. It was so funny to see how nervous he was when he was handed a crying baby! I could totally relate; when I had my son I had no idea what was coming. Motherhood hit me like a ton of bricks and is insane! But you just have to keep smiling and pushing on.

This poor girl has gotten attached to so many guys and they all leave her. In the preview for next week’s episodes it appears that she’s getting engaged. Each guy she dates she says is “unlike anyone [she’s] ever met” and that she’s “so excited.” And here she is once again saying she’s “so excited.” Why can’t people be happy on their own? I guess that’s the whole point of the show but it’s crazy to me.

This just made me laugh. Jordan is a “male model” and is obsessed with his hair. When talking about future babies one of the other guys asked what would happen if the theoretical baby didn’t like his hair… and Jordan froze. His reaction was priceless and everyone else saw it too!

This just felt relatable. Cassandra has the stereotypical “excited mom” face where you know she’s running gall of the terrible scenarios in her head but still says she’s “so excited.” This is me all day every day. Trip to the pumpkin patch? Fun! I’m so excited! But on the inside I’m also wondering what happens if he turns out to be allergic to hay, if he runs off, if he gets bit by one of the animals… the list goes on. Cassandra gets it.


I kind of ran in my own direction with this post but it was fun learning how to make GIFs! I see them all the time and use them a lot too, but I didn’t realize how easy it would be to make one. You can try it out for yourself here!

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  1. I used GIPHY to make my GIF this week too! It was easier than I thought it would be too! I also spent more time than I thought I would making GIFs- aren’t they fun??

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