I decided to put all of my stars into one post because they’re all hyperlinked to other videos/uploads! This week was INCREDIBLY hard. I spent about 12 hours on assignments this week and thought about withdrawing about 4 times. It sucked. But I prevailed and am now terrified of the rest of the semester. All videos are created with iMovie (except for the boomerang obviously.)

I did the Of Most Importance assignment for 3 stars first. I tweaked it a bit since most of my important people are not with me right now & I wanted to keep it consent. I went with pictures of my most important people & then said a bit about them after. See it here:

Then I did the Get to Know Me assignment for 5 stars. I pretty much just got questions from my own Facebook and my DS106 twitter (thanks Zae) and responded to them. I didn’t want to complicate it with music/effects so I left it as it was. It was SO HARD to upload. My iMovie wouldn’t save it. Then youtube said I couldn’t upload mp4 files (which is wrong.) Then youtube wouldn’t let me sign in. It was a completely unnecessary pain in the butt.

And of course to top it off it won’t embed the video!! Whatever. Just click here.

Then I did a click boomerang of my room even though it is a DISASTER. Click below to view my hot mess. This was 1 star.


Lastly, I put together my A Day in the Life assignment. Since I took videos throughout the day I had to wait until bed to do it. This was worth 3 stars (but should’ve been more in my opinion- it was a lot of work.) The only music I had in my iTunes was Ed Sheeran from like 7th grade so I went with it. Enjoy:

My day started off with my son yelling “MAMA” as usual. Work at 7, get the kids ready for school, walk them to school, and today I had a preschool tour for my son. Videos were frowned upon so I just stuck a picture of him waiting in there. Then we came home, I put him down for a nap, and laid down for 10 min while I waited for my caffeine to kick in. I worked on DS106 assignments for this week an then my son pooped everywhere. Like on the carpet and everything. So I just stuck him in the tub and sterilized everything after he was clean (hence the lysol.) Ian and I spent a few hours outside & at the park. Once he was in bed my mom stayed with him & my best friend and I went to see “A Star is Born” (10/10 recommend but wear waterproof mascara.) And now I am putting this together & will be going to bed!