Previous Photography Experience

I don’t have much previous photography experience unless you count constant pictures of my son with my iPhone. I’ve never even held a “real” camera. I wouldn’t even be able to tell you which picture was the “better” one out of a group. I’m excited to learn more about photography and hopefully develop an eye for it.

I’ve never strived for a “meaning” in my pictures. Usually I’m just trying to capture the moment while in it so that I don’t forget the “little moments,” such as my son’s first smile to the left. While I have almost no experience, I’m excited to learn!

After learning from the sources, I realized how much better my pictures could be if I slowed down and thought more about them. If I had taken the time to get a better angle on many of my pictures, they would’ve turned out so much better. I have a tendency to just whip out my phone and take 200 pictures and then go look for the best one. Taking a second to step back and plan will make it so much easier to get a great picture on the first try. Obviously this is easier said than done when photographing a toddler, but I’m excited to try!

Weekly Summary: Week 3

I loved this week. I’m much more of a writer than someone who can edit pictures or write software (not even sure that’s the write lingo), so I was grateful for a manageable week.

Our story analysis was tricky for me. I couldn’t really connect with any of the examples we were given, so I went back to my trusty favorite: Tangled. The background readings and video made much more sense when I applied them to the movie. Read all about it here!

Creating a character really stressed me out. I didn’t know what I wanted to do, and it took me a while to figure something out. I decided to stray away from my trusty mythology characters and go with something more “me.” Meet Manny the Super Nanny here.

Then we had our writing assignments that we got to choose. I used to write Haikus all of the time in elementary school, so I used Rapunzel once again to get more into it. I’m still not 100% happy with it but it’ll do! The 5/7/5 limit is tricky.

Rapunzel’s Haiku

Then I went for a more personal assignment. We were supposed to pick an emotion and then choose there songs that made you feel the emotion you chose. Go check out my very own “sadness” playlist. They’re some of my favorite songs and never fail to make me emotional. Each of them is very personal to me.

Eliciting emotions

I kept with he personal feel for the next assignment, and wrote a letter to myself. The assignment was to address your future self (in 10 years) and convey your hopes and dreams. Read about my one true hope that encompasses all hopes below.

Hello, Me.

Lastly, I wrote to my mom. This was hard for me because there’s just so much to say, I tried to condense it down to the main points and keep it short and sweet. Read about how awesome my mom is in the blog post below.

Dear Mom,

And of course, we had our daily creates.We started off our week by remembering 9/11. This day changed all of our lives, even those who were not alive for it. We’ll always remember.

Next we played around with badges, and I shamelessly called out my boyfriend for being terrible at texting. Love him to death, but LORD he’s bad at remembering to respond to me. I didn’t know how to use the software so it took a bit of getting used to, but once I got it I had a blast!

Lastly, we found Gremlins in our computers! I found this image on a google search and thought it was too perfect not to use.


It took me forever to finally get this up!! Thank God Florence avoided us, but we had our own little hurricane over here this week… My sweet fur baby (Faith) was diagnosed with an aggressive form of bone cancer in her spine and hips. I spend most of my week and weekend at the vet & carrying her around everywhere. Thank goodness we had the extended deadline because I needed it. Have a great week everyone!

Dear Mom,

Dear Mom,

I don’t even know where to start. They say you never truly appreciate your mom until you become a mom yourself… man is that true. This mom gig is hard. I feel like I never know what I’m doing or what’s coming.

When I was younger I thought you knew everything. Then I hit middle school… and suddenly I thought that you knew nothing & I knew everything. Thank you for putting up with me through a time when I hated everyone & everything. Once I hit Junior year of high school & started driving, got a car, and three jobs we started to get along. I craved independence and you finally gave in. But I know now how hard that must have been to let me go.

Now you still continue to give selflessly by helping watch my own kiddo while I finish up classes. Between the 16 credits and homework time I’m pretty sure he sees you just as much as he sees me. And he loves it. Thank you for being the most energetic “Yaya” ever even when you’re exhausted.

There’s no way I could put it all into a letter, but just know that you are greatly appreciated and I couldn’t ask for a better mom/Yaya.

Thank you.

Hello, Me.

Hi Kara! It’s Kara. 10 years ago you sat down and wrote this letter to yourself. You’re going to talk about all of your hopes and dreams, but my true goal is that when you read this you’ll be happy. That could mean being happily married with 4 kids, or it could mean being single in a job you never saw coming with awesome friends. Whatever your life looks like when you read this, just know that if you are truly happy then that’s all I ever really wanted.

Of course, I already have an image in my head… every since I was a little girl I wanted to be married and a mom. Of course I expected to be married before I was a mom but life happens. If you’re reading this and you have finally found real, true love, I couldn’t be happier. This last weekend I went to Emily & Tomiwa’s wedding; I’m sure by now they have kids and are even happier than they are now. They are a true image of genuine love & happiness. I hope you find that.

Kids. The question everyone asks. At this point you have Ian who’s only 18 months and makes you think you’ll never want another child ever. But then he’ll curl up on the couch with you for the first time in months and cuddle while you watch his lawn mower video and you think more would be fine. Who knows what will happen, but I have a feeling you’ll cave…

As far as work goes, I think you’ll stick with teaching. It’s so hard and under appreciated, but the daily benefits of changing lives is unmatched. No matter how hard it gets, stick with it. If you need to take a breather, do it. But always come back with more zeal than before and keep changing lives.

No matter what, I hope you’re happy.


Eliciting emotions

This assignment caught my eye because songs almost always elicit some sort of emotional response from me. I went with the easiest emotion (sadness) be use there are so many songs that make you feel sad. I pulled the tip three that came to mind and are the most recent. If you haven’t heard them before check them out- they’re good ones!




Introducing: Manny

It took me a long time to decide what kind of character I wanted to create. I used to be very into Greek mythology, but I feel as if every creature already has a name and purpose. Trying to create my own would be extremely difficult and I’d feel like I was ripping a creature off. Instead, I’ve created Manny: The super nanny. Honestly, my nephew kind of created him. He always calls himself the “manny” when he helps watch my son. Also- I’ve always love The Pacifier with Vin Diesel. So here he is: the one & only Manny.

Manny never wanted to be a nanny. But when he dropped out of college to “travel the world,” he didn’t have many other options. It paid better than washing dishes or waiting tables, and kids can’t be that bad, right? Wrong. Manny had grown up with 2 brothers and 3 sisters so he considered himself a pro at babysitting. When the Smiths’ son, Bryan, bonded with him while waiting for the train they immediately offered him the position. Realizing that he had bills to pay and had to eat, he accepted on a whim. Soon after he found himself moving into their lavish New York apartment to wait on them hand and foot. Then things started to change…

One day Bryan cam home sick. A stomach bug had been going around so when he threw up all over Manny, Manny didn’t even think twice about it. However, Manny started developing abnormal powers. He could foresee when Bryan was going to fall, could tell if he was running a fever without checking it, and many other strange abilities. This is Manny & his story…

Telling Tangled

Instead of picking on of the provided stories to read, I chose to rematch Disney’s Tangled. I’m 200% obsessed with this movie so I’ll use any excuse to re-watch it. Once I did the readings and watched the Vonnegut video, I realized Tangled would be perfect for this assignment. I believe that Tangled is both a myth and an archetype. The myth of Rapunzel gives people hope for the good in the world. While it is not a perfect example of a myth, I believe that it works. The myth of Rapunzel is often alluded to and is commonly understood. However, I think that Rapunzel works even better as an archetype. She is the “damsel in distress” who falls in love with the man who rescues her. She embodies this innocent, naive child who becomes a strong, independent woman. The Disney version is my favorite, since they twist humor inseamlessly. Rapunzel is a strong, universal archetypal myth that had been beautifully interpreted into many different versions. 

I had never though of the “shapes” of storytelling until the Vonnegut video. I thought it was a great demonstration for the “ups & downs” of common archetypes. I think Rapunzel’s “shape” would hold steady in the middle until she is rescued, then have small ups and downs until it infinitely went up when she is finally safe and happy.

My Wacky Week

What a week! Last week I felt way over my head and didn’t really know what was going on. This week I felt like I had a better grasp on the assignments and computer programs, and was able to get a bit more into it. I loved the daily creates! They helped me get a bit more into things without overwhelming me with large assignments. Check mine out!

This was my feeble attempt at “knocking strangely.” I wandered around my house knocking on things until I found something that I thought sounded “strange.” This one ended up being my son’s clock!

At first I was trying to make waves like the ocean (since I’m SERIOUSLY missing the beach) but it looked too sharp to be waves. I decided I’d go with an airplane since I went to Texas a few weeks ago! It’s still not great, but I’ll take it.

I’m always seeing doubles with my crazy girls! I snapped this as soon as I picked them up from school today. Love these doubles!


I loved exploring the assignment bank! I wanted to try a variety of assignments so I scrolled through the groups and picked my favorites. I LOVE GIFs so I tried the TV Show GIFs assignment first! Check out my blog post with my creations here (especially if you watch Bachelor in Paradise.)

Next I tried the Google Draw Something because it looked fun! and I once again was reminded of how non-artsy I am. Check out my attempt here!

Lastly, I decided to do something more personal. I chose the Five Frame Story assignment, but put my own spin on it. Rather than telling someone else’s story, I told mine. Get a glimpse into my life here.


This week was a lot more fun! I finally figured out what was happening with Slack and how to access everyone else’s blogs so that I can get more involved. If I’ve commented on too much of your stuff- this is my public apology. The work everyone is doing is awesome! Happy Thursday everyone, and have a great rest of your week 🙂