Manny’s Trip to the Park

I started out audio week by trying the sound effects story assignment since we had to do it. I decided to incorporate my character into this by making it sound like Manny was taking a trip to the park. As you all probably know by now, I’m not tech savvy. This was incredibly hard for me and I couldn’t figure out audacity even after tutorials, so I went to the Digital Knowledge Center for help. If you ever need to go, Chris is a huge help and almost always there.

Anyways, once Chris helped me figure out what the heck I was doing it was much easier. I used to find clips of children playing, a car a car starting, a car driving, a car door closing, and people walking through leaves. Chris helped me figure out how to eliminate background noise, drag clips, and other helpful edits. Here’s the finished product!

Thinking about Talking

I’m not sure where I’d want to go with a radio show. I think this is something that will develop more as I brainstorm with my group members. I think we could do some sort of “common archetypes” or “common themes” thing with fairytales. Or we could talk about who we would be if we were the subject of a well-known fairytale & how we’d do things differently. Just some ideas!

Kicking Off Audio Week

Sound is one of those things that you don’t realize you need until it’s gone. Between sound effects, laughter, and song, stories cannot be effectively told without sound. While pictures can tell a story, you cannot fully immerse yourself into it without sound. Think about how different it is to watch a silent video than a video with sound, It’s so easy to disconnect without audio. A picture can be interpreted many different ways, and different audio clips can change the interpretation as well. Sound drives the mood of the piece and creates an atmosphere for the listener. We need sound.

Week 4 Summary

How are we already on week 4?! Time flies when you’re drowning in homework and severely sleep deprived. I was really excited for this week since I have ZERO photo editing experience. I realized that it is definitely not as easy as it looks and I am once again not good at it.

We started off our week with a reflection of previous photography experience after reading Becoming a Better Photographer and  Photography and narrative: What is involved in telling a story? Check mine out below!

Previous Photography Experience

Then we picked a movie to analyze and try to pinpoint different aspects of good photography. Of course I chose Tangled, and it worked really well!! If you’re having issues identifying the different aspects of photography read my post below, I tried to make it clear & helpful!

Breaking Down “Tangled”

Then I did a fun little What’s in your bag? exercise for Manny. I thought about what I as a mom and nanny would need if I were a super manny. It ended up being pretty practical! Read it below!

What’s in Manny’s Bag

Then we got free roam of the visual assignments. I chose two 4 star assignments and a 2 star assignment. My first 4 star assignment involved some photo editing and was pretty tricky. My perfectionist self is still not happy with it but it will do while i get used to the software! Again, I love Tangled so I used that movie again for my Family Friendly Billboard assignment below.

Baby on a Billboard

Next I took my editing skills a step further and completed the Forrest Gump Project. I put myself into Martin Luther King Jr’s “I have a dream” speech. This was a bit harder since it was black and white but I think it turned out better!! Again, you can get to it by clicking the post below.

Me & MLK Jr

Lastly, I had a bit of fun with the Bucket List assignment. I picked my top 4 “bucket list items” and found pictures to go with them. I ran into an issue at the end… Check it out below to see what happened!

My Bucket List Collage

Throughout the week I did 3 daily creates.

On Tuesday we did pre-internet memes, which immediately made me think of this spongebob gif.

On Wednesday (Talk like a pirate Day) I struggled a bit… until I embraced my inner Jack Sparrow. While he can be wildly inappropriate, he sure is amusing.

On Thursday we had to share or create a horror sound. I wandered around trying to make noises out of various things before I came across my hairbrush that sounded eerie. To me it sounds like tons of spiders crawling towards me… what do you think?

That was it for my Daily Creates!!

Last but not least, I did my first ever Photoblitz. It was harder than I thought it would be. Check out my process below


And that wrapped up week 4!

Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy your weekend!


I just realized I never posted this last night (whoops.) Here’s my photoblitz! I started at 9:34 with a picture of the clock on my laptop.







I had to stay inside my house to do this Blitz since my son was already asleep, so I was limited. These were my assignments:

My List







I started with the image that represents hope since I just ordered a ton of wall decor from hobby lobby. This was the one that I ordered specifically to give myself hope:

It seemed very fitting! Next I moved onto my favorite smell. I love anything fresh & free (not fake “natural” smelling perfumes and air fresheners) so I snapped a picture of one of my succulents in a windowsill. My favorite smell is a clean house with the windows open! This is a new succulent from my “chosen sister”s wedding last weekend so it still has a sign in it.

Something I wear…. well I have an entire basket of laundry waiting to be folded so that will do. Thank goodness it was my son’s clothes and not my underwear!

Express how I feel..  This art has been my entire mood the past week. I realized so many problems can be solved if I just “choose happy.” So this is how I feel- empowered to choose happy!

I wasn’t sure what it meant to make a subject isolated against a very bright background, but I figured light bulbs are bright! So I grabbed a photo booth strip from my dresser and held it up to the ceiling light. I turned on the flash so that you can still see the pictures a bit.

The last picture I got was one of the inside looking out. i struggled with this one and then felt so dumb when I realized I could be in my bedroom looking out! Here it is…

At this point I was out of time so I took a picture of a different time source.

I’m excited to see everyone else’s blitz’s!


What’s in Manny’s Bag

Every good Nanny (or Manny) has a well-equipped bag with them at all times. If you haven’t met Manny yet, meet him here! Manny’s bag keeps him prepared

Manny’s Bag of Fun

for all of the regular things children throw at you. He has the “Bag of Fun” that saves the day almost daily. This bag (seen to the left) comes prepped with tons of activities for a variety of situations. There are coloring books with markers (since crayons melt) for when Bryan needed to be quiet and calm. There are punch balloons for when Bryan has way too much energy or is angry to give him an outlet. There are also educational flash cards and books for when Bryan’s parents are around, of course. 

Manny also has another bag that is a little less fun but very necessary. It looks like a first aid kit and is full of the typical medical supplies- gaze, band-aids, Neosporin- but also has a special tool. Manny keeps his “emergency phone” in here, which showed up randomly on his dresser one day. When he picked it up, it only had one number saved. He called the number and it went straight to a woman named “Edna” who said that she is his resource to be used when he needs immediate help only. She said “only call me if something is on fire or someone is dying,” and hung up. So far he has not needed it, but he never leaves without it now.

My Bucket List Collage

I decided to do the Bucket List assignment for my last 2 stars. This got me thinking about what I really wanted to happen while I’m on earth. Take a look at it to the right! I really want to (eventually) get married. No rush, but it’s definitely something that I hope will happen at some point. I also am obsessed with corgis (they’re the best dogs ever- love my girl) so I’m going to need tons of them. I also want to become a teacher to make all of this college worth it, and want to live in a different country at some point. I hope I get to check all of these off of the list!

This was harder than I thought it would be. I used and didn’t realize until I was done that you have to PAY to get your collage. So this is just a screenshot because I’m not paying. other than that I loved the software! It was fun to play around with.


Me & MLK Jr

I decided to do the Forrest Gump Project because my son says “Barley” (the dog’s name) like “Bar-lay” and it always makes me think of Forrest Gump saying “Jenny.” It kills me every time. This project was a bit tricky for me because I couldn’t get the software to cooperate for a while. It kept making my face HUGE and I couldn’t find the edges to trim it down. I finally started over and got it to work. Here I am, witnessing a monumental moment in history while Martin Luther King Jr. delivers his infamous “I Have a Dream” speech. Looking incredibly out of place and staring straight at the camera… but I’m there. Any tips for making this stuff easier?!

Baby on a Billboard

I chose to do the Family Friendly Billboard assignment this week. This 4 star assignment was challenging, but definitely fun. The perfectionist in me is dying a bit at the rough edges, but overall I thought it ended up cute! I stuck with my Tangled theme and put my son and I in place of Rapunzel and Finn’s faces. The different lighting in the pictures is driving me a bit crazy but I couldn’t figure out how to fix it! The “how to” advice blog helped me a lot. I have never edited pictures (unless you count instagram filters) so this was very new to me. It was honestly a lot of fun!

If you’ve completed this assignment let me know how it went for you!

Breaking Down “Tangled”

  • Selection- Tangled is extremely picky. Every frame has a purpose. When combined with the audio, the images are always working towards further telling the story. It’s hard to show an example for this- go watch the movie and see how each image plays a part!

    Contrast Example
  • Contrast- Contrast is used many ways throughout the movie, but my favorite example of this is when Rapunzel holds Finn hostage. The light is only shining on them & the background is dark. This points all of your attention towards the event taking place. Also- the juxtaposition of the frying pan draws your eye. 

    Perspective Example
  • Perspective- Looking at Rapunzel from the lanterns’ point of view changes it completely. Rather than focusing on how incredible the lanterns are, the viewer starts to look at how in awe Rapunzel is of the lanterns. This gives the viewer a deeper understanding of her love for the lanterns.
  • Depth- Use the “contrast” example for this section; it works great! The dark background gives the image tons of depth for the viewer.

    Moment Example
  • Balance- I didn’t completely understand this one, but I think it’s more about evenly distributing the image.
  • Moment- Tangled really knows when to slow down and take in a moment, as shown to the right. When Rapunzel finally sees the lanterns, her awe and joy are evident. By slowing down and taking extra time with the scene, the viewers can see just how magical the moment truly is.
  • Lighting- The moment example picture can also be used for lighting. Look at how the whole frame glows but her lantern and her face are the brightest. You can see how magical this moment is, but the focus is clearly on her experience with the lantern.
  • Foreground/Background- Each of these example images can be used to explain this aspect. The background, while never empty or dull, is always subdued and blurred. The focus is clear and shows the viewer what is most important.

Can you tell I’m obsessed with Tangled yet?