Web Storytelling

While extremely time consuming, my sarcastic (and slightly rude) self loved this assignment. I took my canvas dashboard and changed a ton of stuff. Since you guys can’t see my canvas page without my login (which there’s no way I’m giving a whole class) I took screenshots so you can see the original:

And my “new and improved” website can be viewed here.

Create Your Own Room

I LOVED this assignment. It’s been years since I really got into pinterest, but this was so much fun! I’ve always envisioned a huge, open master suite with lots of white and light grey… Light & airy. Tons of windows with natural light & a bay window. I also wanted a balcony off of my room, a his & hers walk in closet, and a huge on suite. I also want a shiplap accent wall. Talk about a dream… although this will almost definitely NEVER happen, I’ll continue to dream… Check out my board here! I will probably continue to update it and let my imagination run wild.


Google Draw Something

I completed the Google Draw Something assignment & got really frustrated with the computer and television ones… I felt like I did a decent job but it couldn’t guess them! See mine below:

Radio Show: Week 2

This week we had to complete our radio show segment that we started last week. I started the week by planning what I wanted to do. I brainstormed different examples of “current events” and thought about how I could tie my character into them. I ended up coming up with my own current event- a miraculous healer at the playgrounds. Throughout the week I organized my thoughts more and then finally put it all together on Wednesday. My segment can be heard here:

Once I sent it in to Zae & he put them together the end result was awesome! My group members did such a great job. Listen to the full segment here:

Weekly Summary Week 7

We started out brainstorming ideas for our radio show this week & ended up coming to a conclusion pretty quickly!

Radio Show Check-In

Then I created my own radio show sticker!

Radio Show Bumper Sticker

I used my first two assignments to work towards completing our segment:

Wrist Wrangler Commercial

Bumper for DS106 News

And my last one was just for fun!

Rain or Popcorn?

Lastly, I completed three daily creates:

And that was it! I’m working on completing my segment of our radio show for next week.

Radio Show Bumper Sticker

I went pretty basic with this promo. I wanted something that looked classic & timeless, so I went with basic word art. I’m sure someone else in my group will be better with design, but here is my attempt!! I changed the color, outline, and added shadows to give it a different effect.


Radio Show Check-In

Week 1!! Thank God Zae pulled me into his group because I didn’t check social media all weekend (sometimes you just need to disconnect, you know?) and I came back to three emails telling me to get in a group. Yikes!! Anyways, we’ve came up with some cool ideas and settled on doing a news show! We’ll pretty much be tying current events, weather, etc into our characters’ stories. We’re each going to do our own segment and then Zae will line them up into one piece. It’ll be cool!!