Final Project Write-Up

WE DID IT! We survived a crazy DS106 crash course! This semester has been absolutely insane for me and this class was nothing like I expected, but I’ve learned a lot! I decided to have a bit of fun with my final project instead of just replicating multiple assignments from different medias & involving my character. You can see my project plan here. Like most things in my life, I bit off way more than I could chew and had to cut some of it out. I ended up not being able to make any commercials for the radio show and instead of using the mozilla x-ray goggles to make my own news article, I had to just make a blog post. I’ll get into why a bit later, but I just wanted to point those out first so you realize they’re not there. Check out the final project here! I wrapped my video & radio segment into a news article as my final project.

First, I started with my video. I had a lot of trouble pulling a clip from “The Pacifier” since I use “wondershare” to download my videos. Wondershare only allows me to download videos from youtube even though I own “The Pacifier” on amazon. It took me about an hour to find the clip I needed on youtube. Once I exported it and put it into iMovie, I realized my video needed more. Rather than just a short, few second clip of Manny, I added in a clip of the phone being dropped and then a random girl commenting on how hot he was. This is much easier said than done. It took me about two hours to find videos that fit right (especially since most phone dropping videos have people yelling curse words in them,) and about two more hours to export and edit them all together. My video is still kind of choppy and pieced together, but I think that I did the best I could with my limited skills. See it here:

I wanted this to seem like a video of a mom creeping on the “hot dad,” so I made a twitter for someone named “Jennifer Fields” and created a tweet with the video:

From there, I started on my radio show segment. I wanted it to sound genuine, so I typed up a script and convinced my brother to play the male voice. He ended up ditching me to see his girlfriend at the last minute, so my dad (reluctantly) stepped in. I recorded our voices in audacity and then used to find an intro sound. This portion only took me about 3 hours in total, and was mostly writing the script and editing out background noise. Listen to it here:

Lastly, I tied them both together in a mock news article. I had originally planned to use mozilla x-ray goggles to “redo” a CNN news article, but when I had trouble substituting my video and news segment into the article I contacted the company. They informed me that I could not sub my media in, and could only switch the words. This kind of defeated the whole purpose of tying it all together, so I started looking for websites where you can create your own newspaper article. I found many that looked great but didn’t allow me to put my own media in. This once again defeated the purpose, so I resorted to a blog post worded like a news article. I’m still a bit frustrated that my “mock article” didn’t work out, but I’m still proud of how much work I put into this project. See my article here! While this project consumed my mind and my time for about two weeks, I’m glad that I put my time into it and came up with something that I’m proud of. I wanted my pieces to all tell a part of his story and work together well, and I think that I achieved that. This was a great way to wrap up the semester!

Who is “Manny?”

Moms from Grace Preparatory School have been talking about “Manny” for the past week. Who is this “Manny?” The viral video linked below, uploaded by Jennifer Fields to her twitter account (@Jennife87541307), shows a local nanny loading his 5 kids into the car. The local moms have dubbed him “Manny,” calling him the incredible man nanny. Jennifer is seen saying how hot he is in the video.

When asking Jennifer why she posted the video, she originally had no comment. Later she reached out to say that it was “embarrassing” and she “did not realize how much attention it would get.” Jennifer declined any further comment, saying she hopes that it “blows over quickly.”

Jennifer’s video, seen above, quickly circulated through twitter and Facebook. It went viral so quickly, in fact, that “Manny” did not even realize it existed. When we reacted out to Manny, whose real name is Peter, he said that he “had no idea about it” and thinks that it is “flattering, but kind of weird.” Manny sees nothing special about his ability to manage five children effortlessly and says that it’s quite easy. Our local station caught wind of the video and asked Manny to come in for an interview. Reluctantly, he went in hoping to put this all to rest. We’ve pulled Manny’s segment for you to listen to below:

Manny seems to be an ordinary guy, but his incredible way with kids has everyone talking. We have a feeling that the internet will continue to talk about this guy. Husbands- watch your wives!

Final Project Plan

I have been struggling to figure out what I will do with my final project. I finally realized that this is because I did not have a solid understanding of my character and where I wanted to go with him; therefore, I decided to sit down and put Manny into one concrete description. I’ve been trying to stretch his “powers” so that he would fit in with everyone else’s superheros, but I realized that my vision for Manny does not fit everyone else’s visions for their characters. Manny is a superhero simply because he’s too good to be true. He is incredibly good looking, amazing with children, and never makes a mistake. Although this contradicts some of my previous posts where I gave him the power of healing and other “super” powers, this is my original vision for Manny and I believe going back to basics will help me tell his story better.

As far as the actual project goes- I’m going to use various media types. I want to tell different pieces of his unique story across different forms of media and tie them all together in one “news story” at the end.

First, there will be a youtube video (pulled from the movie “The Pacifier” with Vin Diesel) of this incredible super nanny. This guy is flawless in every way; he’s gorgeous and somehow managing tons of kids without breaking a sweat. The viral video will be posted by a mom who took the video without his knowledge with a caption about how he is too good to be true. The video (made public on Facebook) will have circulated throughout the community and eventually gone viral to the point where he is known as “Manny” throughout the world.

A radio show will catch wind of the story and invite him in for an interview. Manny will agree to come in (reluctantly) and be interviewed about how he does it. This radio segment will include tips from Manny about how to be a better caregiver for children and include commercials for products he promotes.

Lastly, there will be a news story written about this famous “Manny” that ties together the viral video and his news interview, along with comments that the news program has obtained via email from Manny. This “news story” will tie everything together into one post and will essentially be my final project.

Weekly Summary: Week 12

I totaled 13 stars after my four assignments for the week:

Logo Switch Up

Have a Merry Spooky Valentine’s Day!

Mashing Manny & Emojis


I used one of my assignments this week to create a tutorial:

Logo Switch Up Tutorial

And I did two remixes:

Remix #1

Remix #2

And did my two daily creates:

Remix #2

For my second remix I went back to an assignment we did in the beginning in the writing assignments: A Snapshot of a Story. When remixed, this was the new assignment:

I created a new Haiku about how useless & meaningless Haiku’s are and made it way over the top in design, using papyrus font & a bright background. I used word to complete this sarcastic assignment:

Remix #1

I remixed the Logo Switch Up assignment first, since I did this assignment this week. See my remix assignment here:

I used the link to go see Pollock’s paintings & decided to use this one as a background for my already created logo switch up:

After using canva to put my logo in, my final product was:

I replaced his name with my created logo mash up to further mash it all up! The confusion of the spotify/nike logo is shown in the craziness of the painting.


I wrapped up my assignments with the Twittr assignment for 2.5 stars. I tried to think of an unusual mix, and came up with SoundBook. This is a mix of Soundcloud and Facebook. It is essentially soundcloud with more of a social spin. Users can create statuses and upload pictures/videos in addition to uploading their tracks. This allows upcoming artists’ fans to get to know them more personally while still staying involved in their music. Here is the graphic:

I used canva to crop & merge the two logos after downloading them from google images.

Mashing Manny & Emojis

I twisted the Mashing Friends and Emojis assignment for 4 stars to incorporate my character. I used the image of him that I had created back during design week & found two emojis that I thought looked like the face he was making. I used canva for this assignment & screenshotted the emojis off of my phone. Let me know which one you think matches his expression better!!

Have a Merry Spooky Valentine’s Day!

I had way too much fun with this one. I chose the Holiday Mashup assignment for 4.5 stars and LOVED it! Christmas is by far my favorite, followed by Halloween and then Valentine’s Day. I made Christmas the main theme and Halloween & Valentine’s Day smaller. Canva makes everything easier. I first found a snow background in canva, then found a santa image, pumpkin bucket image, and heart balloon image. I made sure none of them had backgrounds that would be hard to edit out. Here is my finished product!!

Logo Switch Up Tutorial

I figured since there was no tutorial here & I just completed this assignment I’d show everyone how I did it. First, I brainstormed ideas. I searched “current ads” and scrolled threw a few. I decided that I’d do spotify and nike since I only use spotify when I’m working out; I thought a bit of meaning & irony would help. First I found my spotify ad I’d use:

and settled on this one since it is the one we usually see:

Then I found my nike logo to replace the word “spotify” with. Since the background is black I had to specifically search for a white logo:

And settled on this one:

Next, I went into my canva account and started a new, blank project. I uploaded my files using the tab to the left

Then dragged and dropped my images. I dropped my spotify image first so that my “NIKE” word would go overtop. Then I simply adjusted the NIKE image until it fit nicely over the spotify word.  The NIKE image was more grey than the spotify one

So I adjusted the brightness until they matched better.

It did dim the white words a bit but I didn’t think that it looked bad at all. Finally I screenshotted my final product and uploaded it into a blog post! Happy editing!